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Felisjewels.com aims to provide convenient and comfortable online jewelry ordering facilities to its clients. The privacy policy stated here is subject to change without sending any prior notice to customers, and it is your responsibility to check the same if any modifications get done.

Felis provides customers with the best in class jewelry designs and crafts pieces in the valuable metals as per their needs. We put the customer needs and information security at our priority to protect your data privacy.

The information collected in any way from the website of Felisjewels.com remains under the authority of the website owner. And they can practice any necessary actions on the same. We vow to protect your collected information and use it in the best way to improve the user experience and facilitate smoother buying operations. The data collected may get used for various commercial purposes without requiring user consent in any manner.

By using the website, you agree to the mentioned privacy policy and give your consent for the use of collected personal information. The privacy policy applies to every website visitor and the buyer who decides to order from our website. The mentioned policy gets enforced on registered or non-registered users as well who are visiting the site in any manner.

Here, the user information or personal information refers to any identification details entered or collected by the website at the time of registering or when visiting the website. e.g., the registered Email Id, name, contact details, address, phone number, card information, financial profile, and more.

Means of Information Collected

The personal or user information collected by Felis Jewels may include:

  • A user’s complete information and form data for registration. e.g., email address, contact details, phone number, and more.
  • The information entered for delivering the order. e.g., Fax number, physical address, contact details, credit card information, payment details, and more.
  • The use of cookies to store sessions and use them later to provide a better browsing experience for every user. e.g., the IP address of your computer, the server used to access our website, your web browser details, session and login details, and more.

The use of our website for any reason signifies your consent for agreeing to the privacy policy, as mentioned earlier. Felisjewels.com reserves the right to change or modify the privacy policy any time without sending any notifications in advance. For any queries about the privacy policy, feel free to reach us at felisjewels@gmail.com to learn more.