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Website Use & Ordering

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  • “Jewelry” covers every valuable item we sell on our website. It includes all the crafted pieces, including rings, gemstones, diamonds, necklaces, pendants, jewelry sets with diamonds and gems, and every other mentioned category. The piece you order might look a bit different in the image than what it looks like in reality. In such cases, Felis Jewels is not liable for any legal actions and enforced by any law.
  • “Members” are the registered users who have signed up with the website and have a registered account. The site may introduce a specific beneficiary scheme for members that any unregistered users can not claim or go against.
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  • By mentioning a particular term in the discount or beneficiary conditions, the website authority can make an exception in the same.

Discounts and Schemes

  • The website owner reserves all the rights to limit the scheme and discount usage per user or for all visitors.
  • They can discontinue any running scheme at any time without having to report any changes or modifications for any schemes.
  • Provided discounts or beneficiary schemes adhere to the owner specified terms and conditions and are applicable for the mentioned duration only.
  • In case of refund or return of any jewelry item bought under the discount or scheme, if the period for the same is over, the exchanged piece might come at changed prices.
  • Users are requested to read the complete conditions and terms added for a particular discount or scheme before applying for the same. The website does not stand responsible for any misunderstandings or lack of knowledge about the complete scheme.

Jewelry Prices and Checkout Amounts

  • The prices of the crafted pieces are subject to change as per the market price dynamics.
  • Prices of our jewelry pieces crafted in gold, silver, platinum with or without mounted gemstones and diamonds can change as per the current market prices of each. Upon cart checkout and total bill payment, the applicable rates get calculated based on the current market prices.
  • If you have ordered any jewelry piece that gets out of stock before shipping, the order cancellation process will initiate, and the refund for the purchased piece will get processed.

These terms and conditions are enforceable upon all the registered members, users, and unregistered customers or visitors. These terms or conditions can not be held against any of the third-party beneficiaries and bind all the users. Changes or modifications in any of the conditions are reserved for website administration and entirely under their authority.